Friday, February 8, 2008

La Vida Locavore: Finding Farmers

I was excited when "livin la vida locavore" popped into my mind a few days ago. I thought I'd coined a phrase. Sadly for my self-importance, a quick Google came up with hundreds of previous references. So mine is not to innovate, but merely to celebrate.

Anyway, I did find a handy reference, updated to November 2007, of certified organic farms in Washington, with their addresses and crops. If you are sleuthing for, say, Washington-grown wheat for bread flour (most of our wheat is the soft variety used for Asian pastas), Rickman Gulch Farm in Pomeroy grows it. Closer to home for me, Crowfoot Farm on Lopez Island lists wheat as a crop. What type? Enough to sell? If someone checks it out, I hope they will post the answer here.
Winter Wheat traditonal quilt design:

If you are considering your own backyard wheat harvest, I commend this report from essayist, former math teacher and author of The $64 Tomato, William Alexander:

Back to the listing:
I counted 33 certified organic growers in Whatcom County. The listing also includes the certified organic producers in Alaska, a hardy crew no doubt. One is for wild birch syrup, an Pacific-side alternative to eastern maple syrup. I had some maybe 20 years ago and didn't like it much, but that was an amateur experiment and probably this is better.

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