Saturday, July 19, 2008

Locavore locales

Australian Cheesefruit: the taste is described as a combination of blue cheese and pineapple.
Photo by Ian Sutton

I started out this morning thinking about what to get at the Farmers Market today, and the next thing I knew I was wondering what locavore would look like somewhere far, far away.
So herewith, a menu from a catering company that features native Australian foods:

Cheesefruit & Timboon goats cheese tart, Roma tomato and River Mint salsa

Crocodile and corn Nori parcel tempura, hot sour broth, Asian greens

Marinated emu carpaccio, Wasabi baby English spinach timbale, Rice wine / sesame oil and vinegar dressing

Seared Coffin Bay scallops, braised leeks, Lemon Myrtle Miso Beurre blanc
Enoki mushrooms wrapped in Wallaby fillet, baked Shitake mushrooms, oyster sauce

Char grilled fillet of kangaroo, grilled pear & prosciutto, potato gallette, Coral lettuce, Munthari berry & aged balsamic vinegar dressing

Baked spring lamb loin coated with wattle seed and macadamia nuts wrapped in paperbark, Akudjara and chilli sauce

Twice cooked duck, steamed baby bokchoy, Rozella bud compote, ginger flavoured duck broth

Grilled Barramundi fillet, cucumber, sugar peas & Nashi apple, rocket salad, Tanami Desert lime with saffron jus

Roasted eye fillet of steak, celeriac & basil puree, wild Tasmanian pepperberry jus, Coles Bay oysters and celeriac disc

Wattleseed crème brulee, Blueberry passionfruit and pineapple salad

Duo of Aniseed myrtle and mango ice cream, Mango and absolute puree

Wild Ruby finger lime curd tart, caramelised quandongs, citrus coulis

Bitter chocolate fudge cake, poached ryberry and rhubarb, crème fraiche

Selection of Australian cheeses and fresh fruit

Coffee with Candlenut biscotti and native cinnamon shortbreads

I'm really intrigued by caramelised quandongs; the name is so much fun that I'm not sure I even want to know what they are. What I actually had for dinner last night was Bellingham local to the max. Households in our neighborhood gather on Friday afternoons for a garden share and swap in a nearby alley. I took home a handful of mixed greens and half a dozen eggs, plus a bouquet. I got another handful of greens from my own garden, boiled up some pasta, and stirred in the rough chopped greens, one of the eggs and--I admit--a sprinkling of parmesan. Dinner! It tasted great.

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Seven Trees said...

I love the local food swap meet idea!

We trade stuff with our neighbors, but nothing so organized as that.