Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow melted; peas and potatoes in

Probably this is pushing it, but I couldn't help myself.
Russian banana fingerling potatoes are snuggled in among the bulbs, and the first round of sugarsnaps are planted in the alley bed.

On the flower front, the Hellebore in the front yard has big dramatic white blooms, the first crocuses and snowdrops are in bloom, and the daffodils are breaking ground.


Seven Trees said...

Are your taters up yet?
We just got ours in the ground a couple weeks ago, and I can't stop checking to see if they've sprouted.

It seems like it's too early too plant, then suddenly in one day, it's nearly too late! Gardening in the PNW has its challenges....

Lanester said...

Potatoes aren't up, but I couldn't resist checking, so I can report that they aren't rethawed mush either. Probably I didn't advance the season any by putting them in early. On the other hand, the spring bulbs that share that space can bloom without disturbance while they sit there biding their time. That's my hope anyway.

My peas and greens are up, and first little self-seeded kales are starting to leaf out. Last year I had spring salads by mid-April. That won't happen this time, but maybe by May.