Sunday, February 7, 2010

Freshening up

February 7--Chard, strawberries and Dutch Iris; Kale revving up with new growth

Cookbook research means that I've been focusing on one vegetable at a time--eight different ways to cook rutabagas; four takes on roasted parsnips; winter squash with polenta, in risotto, in soup, in muffins.

I always learn more about the properties and affinities of vegetables I've been enjoying for years. I'm also, I admit, getting a bit tired of the root and squash vine. I know I should have another go at Kashmiri potato/turnip curry; it could be terrific instead of pretty good, but I'm not going to today.

So instead of checking ingredients, I went out to photograph my plants. It looks as though kale is on the menu tonight, and that fresh growth is a cheery sight.

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