Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Harvest Cookbook Corrections and Comments #1

Here's where I note corrections, comments and updates for Winter Harvest. The plan is to repost the list, with additions, every week or two. 

Sunday Brunch Frittata (page 125)
It should say : 3 tablespoons light oil
Never mind the "cup."

Winter Fruit Bars (page 256)
The bars hold together better if you use quick rolled oats rather than the thicker steel-cut types.
Also, Carolyn--the recipe's creator--says that when she is using fresh fruits such as pears along with dried fruits, she doesn't reconstitute the dried fruit. The liquid from the pears is enough to do the job. And we both agree that these reach are even better the next day, when the layers have had a chance to consolidate. 

And while I'm thinking of Carolyn and her household, the author's photo credit was omitted. It should have gone to her husband, Tim Pilgrim. 

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