Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In the Eye of the Beholder

Here's a beautiful sight.

Thanks to a grant from Whatcom County Solid Waste Management, the energy of Nooksack Valley High School's Environment Friendly Club (EFC), its adviser David Ostlund, and our wonderful Home and Family Life teacher Lois Rienstra, the vegie leftovers from NVHS foods classes are now being composted in this lineup of bins. Wilted flowers and greenery from the Floral Design class go in the mix as well, and the FFA club can use the compost in the soil mix for their annual plant sale.

The EFC has also inaugurated food waste collection in the school cafeteria and planted more than 50 trees around campus (with help from Cloud Mountain Farm and Bakerview Nursery).

At least two students plan to initiate elementary school recycling programs for their senior projects next year.
Hurray for NVHS!
Having said that, I am also simply delighted that the school year is almost over, the final school paper and literary magazine are published, and I can get back to blogging.